Flexbase Material Delivery in Princeton, TX

Flexbase is an integral part of any landscaping or construction project and provides a reliable foundation for anything that will come to rest atop it. David Copeland Sand & Gravel, Inc. is pleased to provide customers with flexbase material delivery, so your project is rooted in quality.

More than just your direct resource for aggregates in Princeton, Farmersville, New Hope, Collin County, and McKinney, TX, we provide properly-cultivated flexbase for projects of varying scope and size. Our supply lot has acres of different materials, enabling us to mix or locate the right flexbase for your needs—whether you’re paving a walkway or laying the foundation for a home addition! Some of the many options we’re able to offer you include:

Unlike some suppliers in Princeton, TX that may provide a one-size-fits-all approach, we know that your needs may be different. From a do-it-yourself project, to large-scale developments, each project requires a unique flexbase foundation to ensure stability. We can help pinpoint your needs, to offer tailored solutions that are rooted in exceptional quality.

General aggregate

In addition to flexbase, we also stock a plentiful variety of general aggregate, which may also be critically important to your project. Whether you’re grading land or creating water retention/filtration, trust that we have aggregate designed to perform as you need it to. Some of our many options include pea gravel, crushed stone, construction entry rock and other gravel.

Come and see for yourself the extensive selection of flexbase and other aggregate products, including gravel supply and additional materials, that we have to offer! We promise you won’t find affordable prices or tenured experience like we have to offer anywhere else. Stop by today to browse for yourself or contact us at 972-734-2158 for more information about a specific type of aggregate.